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  A western based on a real life story In pre-Civil War, Oklahoma,  a runaway female slave is rescued by a Black/Indian chief of the Cherokee Nation. The chief marries the girl and she is adopted into the Nation. After the civil war, the chief is brutally murdered by white renegades, who throw the mutilated body onto the property of the girl and their little boy. The little boy holds this picture in his head, as grows up bitter and enraged! This rage turns him into the notorious outlaw Cherokee Bill! After the 1890's land grab, Cherokee Bill returns to his mother's town of Boley Oklahoma. Hearing of the Railroad and Land & developer's attempt to steal his mother's land, he is goaded into a gunfight in the streets. Cherokee Bill now finds himself in the middle of an impending Fight between the Cherokee Indians and the Eastern settlers & townspeople. As Cherokee Bill embarks on this fight, his girlfriend, Maggie Glass, fights to save his life, his love and most of all, his Soul! Cherokee Bill's mother,  Ellen,  joins Maggie in this Fight! But Maggie's brother, Mozilla Rogers, and love struck, White sheriff, Heck Bruner, have other ideas. Which lands them all in the Courtroom of the Infamous HANGING JUDGE!  Judge Issac Parker, of Ft. Smith Arkansas. 

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