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Our Team

CEO & President

Thomas Zook

Thomas owns a company that specializes in digital marketing, advertising. Thomas is an avid string instrument musician with a great ear. Thomas has been actively working in the entertainment industry for the past three years with Clearence Cheatham. Thomas also has an eye for style, specializing in automotive photography.


William Zook

Bill has a background in business, technology, and entertainment, managing multiple multi-million-dollar projects. Bill owns and manages multiple companies. Bill is a classical musician who has toured internationally and has acting and music credits in the movie “The Great Santini”.


Clearence Cheatham

Clearence is a seasoned Executive Director. He has been in the business for many years and has worked in the capacity of Agent and Sub-Agent. Clearence is the Primary Agent & Owner of CPC & Associates. CPC & Associates is a SAG/AFTRA, Full-Service Talent Agency. Clearence also mentors members of the entertainment industry.

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